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All curls are beautiful. However, all curls are not created the same. The goal is to identify your hair type so you can take better care of your crown. Some people have hair that is a range of two different hair types. You should also remember that one type isn’t better or worse than the others. If hair is prone to frizz, it doesn’t necessarily mean hair is unhealthy. It is just one of the factors of that type.


Hair type refers to the amount of wave, curl, or coil in your hair.

It is divided into 4  hair type categories:

  • Type 1 (Straight),
  • Type 2 (Wavy),
  • Type 3 (Curly) , and
  • Type 4 (Coily)  

Knowing your hair type will help you find the right products, styles, techniques, and care tips for your hair.

Type 1

Type 2

Type 2 hair includes light to very wavy hair patterns. The waves and curls in type 2 hair form in the shape of an “S” and typically stick close to the head. Wavy hair won’t bounce up, even when layered

Type 3

Type 3 hair includes lightly curly to very curly hair patterns that are well-defined and springy. Curly hair has a lot of body and can be easily styled in its natural state or straightened with a blow-dryer. Despite its appearance, type 3 curls are soft and fine rather than coarse.

Type 4

Type 4 hair can range from fine and thin to wiry and coarse with lots and lots of strands densely packed together. Coily hair has fewer cuticle layers than any other hair type, which means that it has less protection from the damage inflicted by combing, brushing, curling, blow-drying and straightening.



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